Grand Opening of Play Maysie Market at The Arcade

August 26-28, 2022 | 9am - 4pm

Giveaways, free treats & more!

401 Euclid Ave, Suite 156, Cleveland, OH 44115

The history of Suite 156

From 1890 until 1902 Suite 156 belonged to the infamous Thomas Edison. He offered some of his most popular inventions in this very space.

As you can see the signage on the windows (bottom left hand corner) read as follows: "Thomas Edison's Phonograph and Kinetoscope Parlor".

The history of The Arcade

The Arcade in Cleveland, Ohio was the site of the National Republican League's annual meeting in June of 1895. This meeting resulted in the nomination of William McKinley, who was then the Governor of Ohio, to the Presidency in 1896.

This historic photo captures The Arcade as the center of the grand festivities.