Kayla Lupean Play Maysie

About the Founder

A single adoptive mother and entrepreneur, Kayla Lupean is on a mission to ensure youth entering foster care have a safe play space during the difficult transition of entering their first placement.

That’s the idea behind Play Maysie. Founded by Kayla on Christmas Day in 2020, Play Maysie is the first truly portable dollhouse on the market today. The cases are heralded as a must-have gift item for children without the clutter of traditional toys and added screen time. Plus, for every three cases sold one is donated to support kids entering the foster care system.

While her greatest accomplishment is taking the chance and trusting the timing of life to adopt her daughter, coming in a close second place is creating Play Maysie.

Throwing herself, all-in, to this new-found dream with zero childcare, in the middle of a worldwide pandemic on just a small amount of money from her own savings & watching how it has grown has been the adventure of her lifetime.

In her free time, Kayla enjoys being in nature with her daughter whether it’s going for hikes or spending beach days at Lake Erie. She is also an avid podcast listener and loves the art of cooking, travel and music.