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"At Play Maysie we believe that toys should bring joy to a home, not mess. We believe in the power of play - the kind that sparks creativity, triggers wonder and invites curiosity and we believe in recognizing, protecting and nurturing the precious, significant space that is a child’s world of play."

Kayla, Founder of Play Maysie

Hi, I'm Kayla!

I am the founder of Play Maysie and proud single adoptive mom to my daughter, Elsie, who is the inspiration behind all that see you here today.

Why a portable dollhouse?

When the world shut down due to the pandemic I found myself as a solo-parent working from home with my then two year old. I had no childcare and between the stress of COVID, being a wedding photographer (and within days losing 90% of my income for the year) and all that was happening in the world I found that the amount of stress her toys added to our household seemed so unnecessary.

All of the mess, all of the clutter, all of the lost pieces - it became clear that the majority of toys on the market today do not cater at all to the practicality of how children play or how a toy should be designed to best fit into a home and a family's life. And then magically, Christmas night of 2020 after tucking her into bed, I had the first idea for Play Maysie!

The problem:

Toys include too many loose pieces that create constant mess.

Children’s toys include an overwhelming number of small pieces yet they fail to provide a solution for organization and storage in-between play. This leads to lost pieces, perpetual messes, and baskets filled with different parts from different toys - making it difficult to find what you need to make a toy playable again. Because of this massive design oversight, toys go unused after their first play and far too much energy and time is spent at home on toy organization and clean up.

Children aren’t static, why should their toys be?

As a parent, we all know that young children do not sit still - it is their job to explore and learn the world around them! So, why are so many of their toys made to be stationary?

The solution:


Our patent pending cases are inspired by vintage tin lunchboxes and fold out on both sides to reveal interchangeable, magnetic rooms with fixed wooden furniture which means no loose pieces, no mess!

Quality, Portable Play

Play Maysie is easy to pick up and go with a multi-use case of its own. From backyard adventures and long car rides to living room playdates and solo self-discovery, Play Maysie encourages endless hours of imaginative play. When play time is over, simply close up your case, hang it on a hook, stack them in a pile or put them on a shelf. The small footprint of our cases also makes Play Maysie an ideal toy for tiny spaces!